I.C.A.T. Link - Channel Assessment Tool

This web based software has been specifically designed to greatly assist one in carrying out an assessment of distributors or agents performance and capabilities. This interactive tool is based on over 20 yrs experience managing channel partners and knowing the need to always monitor and assess their abilities in handling your business.

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How can ICAT Link prove of value?

1) Valuable to new as well as more experienced exporters.
2) Brings all areas of business together for a comprehensive assessment.
3) Provides a consistent approach to a process of evaluation.
4) Can be saved and so provide a documented record of assessment summaries.
5) Saves time in establishing a picture of your export effectiveness.

6) Provides a method of removing emotion and subjectivity from an assessment.

7) Can be used on your PC,MAC and most tablet platforms, providing flexibility when visiting channel partners.


Who uses ICAT Link, and when?

Used by Vice Presidents, Sales Directors and Export Managers.

I.C.A.T. Link can be used:

1) As a periodical assessment to monitor your channel partner's performance.

2) To help in furthering your compliance programmes.

3) When rationalisation is required following acquisitions that has brought together similar distribution routes into the same market space.